Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Latest from the Drunken Duck

As of 11/23/13 this
is the current status of my whisky assortment.  I haven't posted much lately and this is my second try today as the blog site is acting up.  So this will be short.  I just got Hankey Bannister, Glen Ness, McClelland (Highland version) and Glen Kirk 8 a couple of days ago.  I also restocked the Edradour and the "Brookladdie" Rocks.  Both were excellent and I received them as an early Christmas present.  I have been enjoying a dram just before dark out on the deck and now have found my old straight grained pipe and bought some Hobbit Weed from a supplier out in Colorado. It is a decent pipe tobacco and I also got some single malt pipe tobacco which I hope to try tonight.  I enjoyed the Hankey Bannister last evening and it was very nice.  I am on a quest right now to find really good scotch that doesn't cost that much.  The McClelland -Highland tastes as good to me as many a 70-80 $ a bottle scotches and the Hankey Bannister (under 20$) is as good as many higher priced blends I have tried.  So the moral is that the price really doesn't matter as long as you enjoy the taste of the product. Happy Holidays to all.

The Whisky Warrior

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I was out and about doing my weekly errands around town a couple of weeks ago (March 2013), when I noticed a sign on one of our small local liquor stores that said “going out of business, 20 to 50% off).  I thought to myself that I need to check this out.  So I stopped in.  Of course there was nothing for 50% off but about 1/3 of the stock was 20% off.  The clerk explained to me that the store would be open about 2 more months and that any item with a red dot on its price tag was 20% off.  I got two bottles of Eagle Rare (10) bourbon (Very nice), one Collingwood Canadian whiskey(which was outstanding) , one Macallan 12 (a classic) , a 1.75 liter bottle of The Famous Grouse, and a 1.75 of Three Olives vodka for martinis.

 I paid for my treasures and was walking out the door when the clerk said “we have some of the really good stuff on sale too” as he pointed to the top shelf behind the bar.  There were a few goodies but the bottle of Glenlivet 25 year old in its snazzy wooden holder with the shiny silver metal plate on the front that slides left or right to open caught my eye. It was originally 299.00 and was on sale for 240.00 so how could I say no. 

The clerk, who I take it is not a whisky drinker, said that bottle had been in the store since it opened 5 years ago so it was really 30 years old. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it doesn’t work that way and once it leaves the cask it stops aging unlike some wines.  I took my treasures home and family and friends tried out the Glenlivet 25 with me and it was very very nice indeed.  We quite enjoyed it and were able to pick out two of the touted tasting notes for ourselves (which is more than we usually can).  Very dark spirit owing to many years in sherry casks.  Yum!  While I am sad to see the little Liquor store (with the name “Liquor” proudly displayed over the door) go away forever.

 I am happy to report that a brand new Total Wine and More Store is opening about 30 miles South of there in the new town of Viera Florida.  Look them up online they have hundreds of wonderful scotches and other whiskies and a ton of locations.   We drove down to see it but it wasn’t open yet.  They did have a literal mountain of empty boxes in the middle of the store as they were stocking the shelves as fast as possible. I just placed my hands on the glass and stared into the not-yet-open store like a kid looking in the candy store who doesnt have any money.  My next adventure will be to head down there after it opens and finally get a bottle of Japanese Whisky and a few others I have wanted for a long time but could not find in my local stores.  

Finally I hope I get to actually see the 50% off in the little store towards the end of their time but I realize nothing good will be left …..sniff…oh well. 

Back to the Glenlivet 25! 

The Whisky Warrior.