Thursday, February 25, 2010

Article #2

Everyone has different tastes in food and drink and it is sometimes hard for us to realize that something we love and enjoy is something our friends just can’t stand. It is the philosophy of this blog to respect other views even if we just can’t understand them.
I will be discussing my personal experiences with various whiskey and whisky over the years and I encourage you to submit your experiences as well. I do not expect you to like everything I like. That is just stupid and I may not like everything you like but I will enjoy reading what you have to say as will our other readers. Remember I do not claim to be an expert I only claim to love whiskey (y). With that in mind here is the Whisky Warrior’s first discussion.
Let’s start with the sometimes called “Rolls Royce” of Single Malt Scotch, Macallan. I really don’t remember the exact date and time I tried Macallan for the first time but it would have been in the mid 1990’s. I worked with a woman who was already most familiar with Macallan and she told me about it at work one day. Sometime later I bought a bottle of the 12 year sherry oak finish and it was certainly love at first sip.
At that time a bottle of 12 year was about $25, the 18 was $59, and the coveted 25 was around $150. My goodness how inflation and the times have changed all those prices. Today the 12 is in the $30’s, the 18 can be found in the mid $100’s and the 25, well let’s just say I cannot afford it, it’s way over $200 +. I have been privileged to taste all three age groups and they were all delightful. Back in 2005 I won a leadership award from the company I was working for and they flew the winners to another state and had an open bar the awards night with “anything you folks want you can have!” My fellow winners and I drained the establishment’s Macallan 25, 18, and were ½ way through the 12 when the time bell rang. It was a glorious evening and a most inglorious morning to follow with some paying great homage to the porcelain god. I do not recommend overdoing it that is never smart. I came through unscathed fortunately mostly due to the big dinner that went with it.
A few years back Macallan came out with a Fine Oak line with several age offerings (10,15,18, 21, and 30) to appeal (I guess) to those who are not so fond of the sherry finish of the regular Macallan. Now the Fine Oak uses some Spanish Oak sherry casks and American Bourbon casks, but does not have as strong of a sherry finish as their standard scotch does. I have a friend named Dave who just cannot cope with the sherry or Madeira finish on any scotch, but I like them both very much. I did try a bottle of the Fine Oak, it was the 15 year and it was very smooth just like its older brother but with the strong oaky flavor that many scotch drinkers love. I paid around $70 for that one but it was a 3 or 4 years ago. Around here where I live in Central Florida you don’t see the Fine Oak finish much but you can find it if you look. Remember when the only single malts you ever saw were Glenlivet and Glenfiddich? They are good but man I am very happy that today we can find dozens of brands and ages in most liquor stores, bars, and pubs. There is a new one out now the “1824” variety of Macallan and I regret to say I have not tried it. I may be wrong but I believe that the 1824 is made mainly for the duty free market. Macallan drinkers are a most loyal and vocal group and many will drink nothing else.
Of course you can always go on the web sites of any products we discuss and find out all you want. We receive no funds from any product we discuss and if that ever changes we will let you know at once. All brand names are copyrighted etc. by their owners we just talk about them and do not proclaim any ownership or business relationship whatsoever of anything but our copyrighted writings in this blog.
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