Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Clos de la Siete - A Malbec from Argentina

The following is from guest wine enthusiast Carlos de Sud.

He is quite fond of Spanish and Argentine wines and has introduced us to several varieties over the years.
“Since I have been down here in Argentina I have been learning about the local wines. I would like to recommend that you may be interested in an outstanding red wine called "Clos de la Siete" it is a Malbec and is grown in Mendoza Province, Argentina near the Andes Mountains. This wine is a mixture of wines from several bodegas (Wineries). It was started a French wine grower that is why the first name "Clos" which means "Closed of the Seven". Anyway the Malbec grape was imported to Argentina over 100 years ago from France and has begin to become very popular in the USA. It is not grown in France because of the blight that killed French Malbec. It is a bold wine that has very dark red color and is notable for its fruity delicious taste.”
You can find this wine on the Internet
So enjoy

Saludos Cordiales
Carlos de Sud

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