Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And now the fun begins

Just a couple of days left at my job as I am one of thousands being laid off at the end of the Space Shuttle Program. Im taking my retirment and only working a little here and there. I have turned my home office into my own Irish Pub .....The Drunken Duck is its name. I have all the nominal things one would see in an Irish Pub, Irish music, lighted beer signs, photos from Ireland, a bar, a table, four bar stools, lots of alcohol of all kinds, snacks, bar towels, coasters, and all the trimmings. It has been fun making it and I will keep adding on to it for years to come.

I made my first 2 gallons of beer last Saturday or at least I started it on its 30 day journey to enjoyment. Got the kit and the whole nine yards and will be making all kinds over the next several months. Going to get a wine making kit as well and get that kicked off. So life is good and I am very happy to finally get out of working full time after 40 years of doing so. I would say I will make whisky too but that would be illegal so I wont do that.

I do want to report that I have now tried Highland Park 18 year and I must say that I agree with the experts that it is indeed the finest whisky in the world and perhaps the finest spirit of any kind in the world. It runs just shy of $100 a bottle but is absolutely delightful. Please look up Gerry Tosh's You-Tube video on this variety as he can explain it all to you in his usualy delightful way. In short, the experts tried a panel of 3500 whiskies and proclaimed the HP 18 the very best in the world. Apparently it is unique in that when one takes a drink of it first numbs the edges of your tongue and then dries out your mouth a few seconds later only to be followed by your mouth watering 2-3 seconds after that. No other spirit in the world is reported to be able to do that. The taste is outstanding and well if you are ever going to spend that much on a bottle of whisky make sure this is your choice and you will not be dissapointed. It is wonderful. Angels will sing, pipes will play, and long dead Kings of Scotland and Ireland will rise up and march through your living room as you enjoy its glorious flavor. It is good. I advised one of my adult college students about its charms and she and her husband tried it and loved it as well. Thats it for now, enjoy every minute of your life, be safe, and much happiness.

The Whisky Warrior

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