Friday, July 6, 2012

I was gratified to see a nice article in The Whisky Advocate” magazine that talked about how it is ok to put water or even ice in your whisky, especially when you live in a really hot climate like Florida.  I have been saying that for years and it’s always nice to find someone to agree with one’s thoughts and particularly great when an expert is in agreement.  Best thing that has happened to me in over a month.   It is a great magazine by the way and I really love it.  I also got a Michael Jackson book on Whisky (the spirit expert not the pop star) and it is quite wonderful as well.  Unfortunately Mr. Jackson died in 2007 he was the leading expert in spirits in the world. 

Also read that the Glenn Keith distillery is reopening, its parent company makes Chevis Regal and their sales are up so they figured it would be cheaper to restart that distillery than to build a new one and they are probably right.  The article did not really state that they would make Glen Keith again but I hope so, it is a nice middle of the road scotch that I have enjoyed often back in the 1990’s.  Glenn Keith has a nice oaky flavor and good clean taste. 

I was also glad to see that in the rating section of the magazine they had really nice things to say about Dalwhinnie which is my youngest daughter’s favorite (yes she is over 21).  I like it as well but don’t buy it that often.  There are just so many offerings now that it really is like being a kid in a candy store. 

Highland Park’s new Thor offering will be available in the United States unlike some of their other previous new products.  That is good news and I long to try it but first I have to find it and then I have to find the money to buy it but I am sure I will get it eventually.  Still looking to taste my first Japanese whisky and now I just found out (thanks to The Whisky Advocate) that The Australian Island of Tasmania has several new (new to me anyway) distilleries that are coming of age. 

So whisky is experiencing the kind of explosion of availability that wine has gone through over the last 20 years.  Many countries are making new and wonderful whisky (ey) and master distillers are laboring in their labs creating new and amazing versions of their finest offerings.  It is truly a wonderful time to be alive if you like whisky.  Hundreds of choices, all types of price ranges, and plenty of flavor options depending on your particular likes and dislikes.  Hooray for whisky and bless all the men and women who work so hard to bring us new and delicious offerings on a regular basis. 

Enjoy safely, use designated drivers when drinking out at bars and relish the journey of discovery as you travel down the malted road 

The Whisky Warrior

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