Saturday, April 28, 2018

So Magnus is a reasonably priced scotch to come out of Highland Park fairly recently.  From what I have read it is only available in Canada and the US.  I cannot vouch for the truth of that statement.  I can only tell you this:  I tried it and here is what I think.  I may be totally wrong but it tastes very similar to the Highland Park 18.  Not as good but not bad at all.  Since the 18 sells for around $148.00 a bottle and the Magnus sells for around $39.00 a bottle there is an obvious difference.  The Magnus has no age statement and because of that and because it tastes similar to the 18 my best guess is that Highland Park simply opened a few casks meant to be the 18 about 10-12 years early and bottled it under the Magnus label.  The 18 is famous for being the only spirit that dries your mouth and then 2-3 seconds later makes your mouth water.  I got that same effect from the Magnus.  Maybe my imagination, ok sure, but it was very similar.  Like driving a Cadillac and then driving a Buick, very similar but one is better than the other.  The price is outstanding and I will buy it again.  Try it if you are a Highland Park fan or if you are just looking for something different.  It is not what I would call smoky at all and the sherry taste comes through.  Also I understand they have a “17” year old now and it is around 300 a bottle.  I have no idea what it is so much when the 18 is ½ that price.  Supply and demand or rarity may perhaps be the reason.  Anyway enjoy what you drink, drink it the way you like to drink it, and don’t worry about what other people think. 

The Whisky Warrior. 

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