Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is an Independent Bottler?

In the never ending quest to satisfy the thirst of Scotch Whisky fans, the independent bottler plays an important role. They can offer a huge selection of really great whisky from mothballed distilleries and thus save a lot of really good scotch from going the way of the Dinosaurs. They buy up casks and either continue the aging process or blends them into a wonderfully delicious product and sells it under their own label. Some of those labels (and names of independents) are: Blackadder, Clydesdale, Ian MacLeod, The Master of Malt, Whisky Castle, and Whyte and Whyte. There are many others but you can always look them up by simply Googling “Independent Whisky Bottlers” and read all about them. Recently the independents have expanded more into the popular cask strength whiskies which are a lot of fun to sample. Best recommendation for cask strength is to add just a bit of spring water to the whisky before enjoying. Yeah I know most of us like our whisky straight, but with cask strength it really does make a difference for the better. So try it for yourself. Pour yourself a straight dram of cask strength and sample it, then add about 1/8th to ¼ ounce or more good spring water to it and see the difference. I honestly believed I would like it straight better but once again (like so many times before) I was wrong, the little bit of water actually unlocks the tastes of the cask strength whisky and makes it even more enjoyable. After you try this please comment to us and let us know how it worked for you and which way you enjoy it most. Remember this blog is not about what we like rather it’s about what you like and how you like it. We really want to hear from you and that is selfish on my part because I am hoping you will tell me about a new whisky or distillery or something I have never tried and I am chomping at the bit to get deeper into this wonderful hobby of whisky (ey) enjoyment so please share your thoughts with us. Thanks.
Some distillers or companies offer private labeling so you or your company can have a case or a few cases made up with your special label on a right fine whisky and you can give them as holiday gifts to your customers or valued co-workers, or well hell, you can even give a bottle to me! (Never turn down free whisky is rule number 327 as we all know). I digress but having a few cases of your own private labeled scotch cannot be anything but fun. Amaze your old high school or college chums that you have made it in this world so well that you even have your own private whisky. Again you can find these companies by Googling “private label whisky” and you should know that these companies may or may not also be independent bottlers so there can be a difference between independent bottlers and private label companies but then who really cares about that? They are both fun things to do and that is what is important. Here is hoping you all enjoy your time on Earth and may your love of whisky grow with each passing day.
The Whisky Warrior

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