Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Canadian Mist

Canadian Mist
This Canadian blended whiskey has been around for quite a while and at least as long as I have been of drinking age. Folks used to say that the only difference between Canadian Club and Canadian Mist was that Club is bottled in Canada and Mist is bottled in the USA after being shipped over in bulk. Well, that and the price as Canadian Club cost more than Canadian Mist. In fact Brown-Forman imports and bottles Canadian Mist so that much of the scuttlebutt is true.
Canadian Club has many varieties and ages to choose from and Canadian Mist really is a one product line. We drank Canadian Mist way back when I was in my 20’s because it was more affordable and we enjoyed it. That is what this blog is all about, enjoying what you drink, not being an uppity snob and only drinking very expensive whisky (ey).
Yes most expensive liquor is good but a lot of the less expensive liquor is also most enjoyable and should not be counted out simply because it’s cheaper to buy.
People are people and I guess snobbishness is just a human characteristic and people will often buy products because of price or fame not just because they really like it better. I used to prove this to my Budweiser drinking friends. I would take 7 different American beers all at the same temperature and put them in small glasses for them to try. I would put the brand names on little card and hand the cards to my friends and they would taste the beer and place the name card by the beer that they felt it went with. 9 times out of 10 my hard core Budweiser drinking friends not only could not pick out Budweiser from 6 other beers but in almost every case they chose Old Milwaukee as being the Bud!!
Now back then Old Milwaukee was as low as 88 cents a 6 pack and Bud was about 3$ a sixer but did my little taste test get them to switch? Nope, they still drank the Bud even though they more often than not thought Bud was Old Milwaukee and vice versa. I will be honest the only American beer I have been able to pick out of that kind of a line up time after time without fail is Falstaff which has a unique taste in my opinion. I can’t pick out any of the others either.
So people will drink a brand name or something they are familiar with or something with memories attached or something expensive over something that just plain tastes good and is less expensive to buy.
Canadian Mist accompanied my friend and me on a camping trip once in Indiana. We set up camp one Saturday morning and started drinking wine and beer and about noon switched over to the bottle of Canadian Mist we brought. Back in those days most everyone had a prescription from their doctor for some type of amphetamine which was still legal back then. Like now, no one wanted to be overweight and we were taking these pills daily. Now they are illegal so don’t do this!! Also you could die so don’t do this! We drank the 5th of Canadian Mist and were still stone cold sober so we went to a local bar/package store and bought another 5th of the Mist. We took that back to camp and drank that and were still sober so back to the liquor store we went and got a 3rd 5th of Canadian Mist and drank that back at camp. We never got so much as a buzz even though we enjoyed the taste of the whiskey immensely. Normally one fifth would have been way too much for us for one day but this was a lesson in chemistry. Also some would say it’s just a waste of good whiskey not to get any buzz at all from it.
I have enjoyed Canadian Mist every now and then since that day and I do like the taste. So try it and if you like it then drink it and if you don’t then you can try Canadian Club or one of the other good quality Canadian Whiskies. It has been said that Canadian Whiskey as a group are the smoothest and most drinkable whiskies in the world and while some might argue they are incredibly smooth and very drinkable. Canadian Mist does come in all sizes of bottles some glass and some PET plastic for ease of travel and safety. If nothing else I would encourage you to buy a miniature bottle of Canadian Mist as that is a great way to try lots of different whiskies without a huge investment.
Then you can always go back and buy what you like later. I do that all the time to try to find new and interesting whiskies to drink. Then I do go back and buy the large size of the ones I truly enjoy. Try the Mist I don’t think you will regret it.
The Whisky Warrior.


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