Friday, June 18, 2010

Glen Keith...its like an old friend

Glen Keith
Glen Keith distillery was started in 1958 out of an old mill building. It was the first distillery to be started in the last century. Their product was a triple distilled single malt scotch. Originally the Chivas Brothers opened the distillery but in 2001 it was sold to Pernod Ricard where it remains today. I believe that Glen Keith is used as one of the components in the making Chivas Regal. Glen Keith is what I call a true Oak Scotch having one of the strongest oak flavors of any single malt that I have tasted. They also put out several other versions but I have only had the pleasure of trying the Glen Keith 10 year. There used to be a seafood restaurant in Cape Canaveral Florida that had a nice little bar upstairs and they put in “The Malt Collection” back in the 1990’s. Longmorn and Glen Keith were in that collection but I don’t recall the others. There was a really nice wooden holder that sat on the bar with one bottle of each of four Speyside single malt scotches. So it was fun to go into the bar and watch the cruise ships sail in and out of the port while getting to try new whiskies. Of these Glen Keith and Longmorn became my favorites. I enjoy the woody taste of the Glen Keith as it seems to give it a good clean dignified taste. A taste to be valued, enjoyed, and treasured either by the ocean side or in front of a roaring fire place shrugging off a deep winter blizzard. Is it the best scotch in the world? No but then I am not the best person in the world but like me (and you) this scotch has real value. We don’t all like or enjoy the same things and you can ask a non-scotch drinker if you don’t believe me on that one. Glen Keith is like an old friend with a few faults. You over look the faults and just enjoy the friendship. It is like your favorite shirt or pair of pants that are hugely comfortable but you wouldn’t be able to wear them to a fancy affair. Glen Keith is like a child’s favorite worn out toy, not the best toy but if the house were on fire it would be the one you would grab as you hurried out the door. (Then go back in and get the wife!)
I read the tasting notes of other folks and all I can say is phooey. Some folks are so intent on telling you why they don’t like something they forget to tell you what they do like about it! “Disappointing nose” one fine fellow says…..well amigo I don’t pour the scotch down my nose so no scotch has ever disappointed my nose. My nose doesn’t really care what scotch I drink, but my lips, tongue, and throat care a great deal and they agree that Glen Keith is a winner and a great comfort scotch that will never ever let you down and will always be there for you just like a good friend….unless you drink it all of course but then old Glen will be right back as soon as you trip out to the liquor store and back. Try Glen Keith and see if you can strike up a bonnie friendship with this amicable barley boy from Scotland. It is a great go-to Scotch or what some would call an everyday Scotch. Enjoy
The Whisky Warrior

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