Friday, August 20, 2010

The Ant and the Grasshopper stock up the bar

Time to prepare for winter!
August 2010 is quickly coming to a close and it won’t be long before the cold winds of winter come bearing down on us folks here in Central Florida. Well ok maybe it will be a few more months but the point is that it is never too early to start preparing. In short it is time to take a good hard look at your wine rack (or cellar if you are very well off) and your bar area in your home. Around here thousands of people are losing their jobs at the Kennedy Space Center and while some are relocating there are some hearty souls among us that are determined not to give up our homes just because some politicians don’t understand very much about the American Space program.
I did a little inventory and I have about 8 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of Irish, 3 of Bourbon, 2 vodka, 1 Canadian, and about 10 bottles of various types of Scotch. Oh there are some remnants of tequila and rum lounging about on an extended vacation but the above list is the important stuff. Now while that list will indeed keep me well for quite a while I feel that while I am in my last 6 weeks of “good paying” employment I should take the time to invest some of those final funds received just before my semi-retirement into some good hooch. I have a wish list and here it is:
2 bottles Mccallan 18 (25 would be better)
4 bottles Bushmills 16 year single malt Irish (21 would be better)
2 bottles of Compass Box blended Scotch
2 bottles of Long Morn Scotch
2 Bottles of Talisker Scotch
2 bottles of Sheep Dip Scotch (just recently ran out)
1 bottle of Michters Bourbon (because I have never tried it)
1 Bottle of Jim Beam Rye
4 bottles of Canadian Mist (Club would be better)
1 case of Red Bordeaux
1 case of White Bordeaux
1 case of Red Zinfandel
4 cases of Moet et Chandon Nectar Imperial Champagne
4 bottles of Grey Goose Vodka
1 bottle of Martini and Rossi dry vermouth
2 bottles of Meyer’s rum (and some planters punch mix)
24 jars of Spanish Queen Olives
2000 toothpicks (round colored party picks)
1 case of highball glasses
10 cases of Guinness
A new acoustical guitar and 10 sets of strings and 12 rock and roll (and traditional Celtic) fake song books
That should see me safely through the next few years at least.
No I won’t really be buying all that but this will be the list I pick from as I do my stocking up for this long hard winter of unemployment and semi-retiredness.
Donations would be most gratefully accepted just comment to this article and I will send you my email address. :-)
But the point is not wealth or ability to buy all of the things one wants, it is the ability to know what you want and to acquire enough of what you want to be happy and failing that to be happy with what you are able to acquire.
Furthermore be not the lazy grasshopper starving by the roadside when the hard times hit, rather be the industrious ant storing away liquid treasures enough so you and your friends and family will have plenty to enjoy while you beat the taxing wolves away from your homestead door with your empty bottles. Stock up, live long, be happy, and enjoy life every chance you get.
The Whisky Warrior

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