Monday, October 22, 2012

Treats for Halloween for the whisky fan

Halloween is just around the corner and I feel like I have already gotten my treats for the year.  My daughter and her family just returned from a couple of weeks exploring parts of England, Wales, and lower Scotland and they brought me some really cool mini’s to enjoy.  I have never had the privilege of sampling any of these before so I look forward to the adventure.  The first is Bowmore, a great whisky from the Isle of Islay.  Islay malts are famous for their full bodied peaty taste so if you are one who really enjoys a smoky whisky then this may be a great choice for you.
Next is Highland Park 21, something I have never even seen for sale at any of my local liquor stores.  I have enjoyed the Highland Park 18, which so far is my absolute favorite, but I am sure the 21 holds some great surprises in store.  Then the Highland Park 25 comes next.  At a retail price of around $400.00 for a fifth I doubt I will ever have the great pleasure of owning a bottle but this mini will at least let me get to know it a bit and enjoy a taste of what I can only suppose is a wondrous treat. 
Finally a really cool gift set of the Welsh Whisky Penderyn with two mini’s and a very nice nosing glass inscribed with the Whisky’s logo.(Same as in the picture).  I have longed to try the Welsh Whisky for many years now as it is yet another choice that is not provided at any of the local liquor stores in my area.  You would think with Kennedy Space Center right across the Indian River that alone would provide a ready consumer group for better whiskies than it actually does.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some really nice choices in my area now compared to just 10 years ago.  For a while the local ABC liquor store (a chain store in Florida) did not carry any single malt scotch at all.  Today they have at least 20 different ones to choose from and some fine upper scale bourbons and Irish Whiskies as well. 
So I have not tried any of my new treats yet, I am saving them for when friends or family are over so we can enjoy them together, hopefully in the near future.
Now if I can just put 200+$ together for a bottle of Highland Park “Thor” ……where is that piggybank anyway?
The Whisky Warrior

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