Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Single Malt For 007 Please!!!

The scotch whisky business is booming and sales seem to be increasing every year.
In fact it is not only scotch, but all “brown liquors” that are thriving here in the early part of the 21st century.  Bourbon, Irish, Japanese, Canadian, and many other types of whisky are gaining popularity with younger and older drinkers.  I think that if Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond series of books today he would have 007 drinking Highland Park, or Macallan  25 or 30 and going on about that he wants it “neat no water, no ice, just two ingredients -  glass and scotch please!”  That then would have been the catch phrase from all those movies instead of “Martini, dry, shaken not stirred!”  It is indeed a much different world we live in today than the 1960’s when Bond was born.  Whisky is once again King, long live the King and long live Scotland. 
There has been a quiet revolution going on for the past several years as around the world people have been developing a taste for good scotch whisky.   Diageo the company that owns such brands as Moet et Chandon, Guinness, Crown Royal, and Johnny Walker, have announced that they are doing a major expansion of their Glen Ord distillery in Ross-Shire.  This is part of their 5 year plan to invest over 1 Billion pounds into scotch whisky production.  They plan on expanding 13 of their current 28 distilleries in Scotland and will build one brand new distillery as well. 
William Grant and Son’s have now reached the point where they have exceeded over 1 billion pounds in turnover per year for the first time ever.  That’s a lot of whisky flowing over the rim of the glass and into whisky fans all over the world!
Chivas Brothers announced they will build a new distillery and are reopening the Glen Keith distillery in Speyside next year.  Rumors abound that they may try to buy the Beam brands of Kentucky Bourbon but their CEO has said that is not happening any time soon. 
As proof that scotch has become more and more popular all over the world, China consumed over 100 Million pounds sterling worth of scotch last year. 
The Whisky Warrior

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