Saturday, March 20, 2010

Field Trip!!!!

Our first 18 articles have been written and published in F&C blog. As you might expect many of those articles have been banging around in our heads for a long time so in effect the easy articles are done and now we have to actually think, well maybe not think but drink some more in order to have more to report on. Friday night the 19th of March the staff of Flask and Cask; The Wine Muse, The Whisky Warrior, and our technical guy who for now we will call Greymatter all met up at the Irish Pub in Titusville Florida to sample a couple of items we had never tried before so we can report on it to you. The staff of the Irish Pub was very friendly and helpful and our patty melt and nachos were very good. I also highly recommend their fish and chips and of course they have a full bar, varied menu, and way upstairs is there martini bar. Now the higher priced stuff is on the top shelf behind the bar to the right of center so you can take a good hard look and choose something extra nice up on the shelf if you are so inclined.

I chose Knob Creek Bourbon for my first selection of the evening. Knob Creek is 9 years old and 100 proof. I was presented a double shot by the server and I looked at the color, a nice bourbon brown and a darker shade more so than the 4 year old bourbons owing that deeper, richer color to more time in the barrel I would imagine. The aroma was pure Bourbon and no I did not smell apricots or pears or hazelnuts or shoe polish, I simply smelled very good Bourbon and that is a great aroma unto itself. Sorry but I just will never get all these subtle flavors people attribute to spirits. I then drank the Bourbon and it went down fairly smooth I would rate it for that first drink an 8 out of 10 for smoothness but hang on, the second drink was much smoother 9.5 out of 10. Remember I once tried 47 year old scotch and nothing will ever be that smooth so 9.5 is about as high as I can possibly rate any sample. The taste was, yes you guessed it, like good Bourbon is supposed to taste with a little after taste that was quite pleasant that started on the roof of my mouth and then moved on down and that was an unusual sensation but then I was tasting this for you and not guzzling it for me. It was very pleasant and I do recommend Knob Creek for those of you wanting to try something a little more up the Bourbon ladder. (While I was enjoying this Bourbon “The Wine Muse” was trying out Benziger and Rosemont Shiraz wines but you can read her article shortly)

My next selection was Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon. I have read other peoples reviews of this Bourbon who tout things such as oily and lanolin flavor but nope, I did not taste that at all. I found Eagle Rare and Knob Creek to be amazingly close in quality and in taste. The Eagle Rare is a 10 year old so it has one more year in the barrel and may have been just a tick smoother because of that but it was a very drinkable Bourbon. I did not get any aftertaste from the Eagle Rare but the one I got from Knob Creek was a good thing not a negative. I think if you have both of these bourbons in your bar at home you will spend long hours of quiet enjoyment with either one of these outstanding Bourbons.

The Whiskey Warrior

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