Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your personal favorites, wine or whiskey? Share with us!

My favorite wines, many, so many. My preferences seem to go in waves. I don't discriminate. I love white, red, sweet, dry, sparkling, oaked, a glass or in a cask, in a train or on a plane...special occasions or a glass with dinner. Currently, I like Cupcake Chardonnay and of course, my favorite un-oaked chardonnay, Startree.

I have two bottles waiting for me to try. One is called "Mad HouseWife", you have to love the name. The other is called "Fat Bastard". You see, I have a very technical and refined way of picking wines most of the time. One is, by the artwork on the bottle. Yep, very technical. The other is, by the name. Is it creative? Imaginative? Cool? Actually, more refined wine drinkers may poo-poo this method, but I have to say, I have gotten to try many great wines! (and many craptastic ones as well).

How do you choose your next wine to try? Do you go solely by rating? So you ask the bartender? Do you read Wine magazine? Tell me!


  1. Hello I'm Bert from Tennessee
    For an everyday around the house wine I enjoy Little Black Dress Merlot. Nicely priced at $12.99 and quite tasty. For a higher end wine I enjoy Stag's Leap Artemis Cab. I choose my wine by walking through the "spirit" store and pick up a few bottles to taste. The ones I don't like, I make vinegar.

  2. Hi Bert from TN. Do you really make vinegar out of the wines you don't like? That is really cool! I will try both of your suggestions. I am always looking for new wine to try. Most of the wines I buy are priced between 10-20 bucks. Thank you so much for your input!