Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Great White North – Canadian Whiskeys

Known for their inherent light and smooth taste the Canadian whiskeys are popular around the world. Crown Royal, Seagram’s VO, Black Velvet, Canadian Club, Canadian Mist, Gibson’s Finest, Hirsch Canadian and Lord Calvert are among the best known of the Canadians.
Canada had a big advantage historically over the U.S. in that they never had to go through prohibition days. I just remember enjoying Canadian Club, Canadian Mist, and Lord Calvert as a young man and although I hate to admit it…..yes I did mix it with Coke-a-Cola on occasion. One of the rumors going around in those days was that the reason that Canadian Mist cost less than Canadian Club is that Canadian Club was bottled in Canada and Canadian Mist was shipped to the U.S. in bulk and bottled here in the U.S. I don’t’ know if any of that was true or not but mostly due to a chronic lack of money we usually drank the Canadian Mist as it was actually cheaper than the Canadian Club at least it was back then. For several years that was my drink of choice. I rarely order Canadian Whiskey today and there is only one reason for that.
The reason is simply that there are so many scotches and bourbons out there waiting to be taken for a spin that I just haven’t thought about ordering any Canadian. Until now, that is. Just writing this has me wanting to try some again so I guess I will have to stop by the old liquor store and pick up a bottle soon.
I lived in a small town in Indiana for a few years in the 70’s and there was an older man who frequented the tavern there in the little town. I was talking to the old man’s son one day (who was about my age) and he told me his dad had drunk a case of beer and a fifth of Seagram’s VO every day of his life for the last 37 years. He claimed that by only drinking the “good stuff” was he still alive. Now I don’t recommend drinking a case or a bottle of any whiskey (y) every day for 37 years but I actually observed this fellow doing that. I know that he did have an alcohol associated liver disease and it was probably a miracle that he was still alive at that point in time. I could only think that……well…..yeah I could probably drink a fifth of whiskey (y) a day but only for one day because I would probably be sick as a goose for the next 3 days. In short, I could not do it no way, no how. I always said my stomach would totally prevent me from becoming an alcoholic. I don’t have a problem with one or two or even three drinks in an evening but a bottle a day… way. So…..don’t do that, it will kill you sooner or later. It is however a testament to Seagram’s VO that everyone in that little town considered it by far and away “the good stuff.” Please post a comment on your likes or dislikes of Canadian Whiskey and any recommendations of a good one we should all try. Aristotle once said “All things in moderation” and that was good advice thousands of years ago and it remains so today. Enjoy your Whiskey (y) and wine and other spirits but never hurt yourself or anyone else.
The Whiskey Warrior

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